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The Christian with the fake Fendi

I'm not against nice things if one can afford them. I'm not against name brands, again if someone can afford them. So naturally one of the saddest/most intriguing things to me is the purse stands that sell "knock off" bags. I am fully aware of the pressures to fit in, but hear me out. As…
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It’s Just That Simple

If you are anything like me its easy to get overwhelmed with the brokenness and terror that our world is facing. The news is full of hardships happening around the world, innocent blood being spilled and the sobering reality that it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Even when I choose to take a break from the news, social media echoes the headline stories accessorized with political opinions. It’s unnerving to say the least and I like many, would welcome a break from reality.

Over the years I have had this overwhelming urgency to do something. A drive deep inside to not stand by and allow women to be trafficked, children to go hungry, elderly to be forgotten, homeless to stay unsheltered. However, the overwhelming reality of not knowing where and how to start often left me doing nothing. Beating myself up because I couldn’t solve all the worlds’ problems was doing nothing. I stumbled upon a quote from Mother Teresa that said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” Its crazy how something so simply said, can be so profound. Surprisingly the realization that fixing everything was not my responsibility, gave me confidence to do my part.

Over the years I have built great relationships with so many amazing organizations that are setting the standard on making a difference! I wanted to find a way to help these organizations and connect others with the amazing work they are doing. That is where the idea of Mission Village Market began. Everyday that we open the doors, we are able to connect others to these amazing organizations and inspire people to live life on mission. I have come to terms that we cant do it all by ourselves, but if we all do our part, together we can change the world!

Amber Noblit

School Sponsorships

Through the faithful work of our many partners, children all over the world have the chance of a better life and a brighter future.
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Changed Lives

Stories like Guto's are what keep Leiva's coffee focused on their mission to impact the lives of local coffee farmers and provide education for their children.
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