What does the future look like? For our sponsored children, it may certainly look like the lives of these two bright young leaders. Fresnel and Macqueline are two Village of Hope students who have attended the School of Hope through the sponsorship program and are entering the Transition Program. Recently, they have been working with the sponsorship office helping to translate letters from our sponsors as well as the responses from the children. Macqueline graduated from the School of Hope this year and will begin classes soon at university. Fresnel will be starting his 12th year.

Fresnel and Macqueline began working about a week ago, and they have already translated many letters, as well as prepared gifts for delivery to students the first month of school. It is not easy in a third world country, but the sponsorship team works very hard to see that every letter is carefully translated in a way that the Haitian children can understand the sponsor’s letters and know who it is that cares for them enough to support them. Our newest team members have been a huge help with the registration process for both AM and PM classes at the MOH campus school. Fresnel assisted the families with the forms and with getting pictures of each child. This is no small task, since most of the parents cannot read or write. Macqueline spent time assisting and encouraging the children as their families were taking care of the registration details.

Fresnel and Macqueline are examples of what is happening in Haiti because of your investment in Child Sponsorship. Because of the Child Sponsorship program, these two children have grown into young adults and are now integral parts of helping bring life transformation to thousands of other students. Their lives are examples of how your investment in your student changes lives and brings hope for the future. Thank you for making a difference!