"When my daughter Meredith first went to Haiti, I was hesitant for her to visit a third world country, as most mothers would be. When she returned from her trip full of joy and speaking of “Junior,” the little one she had sponsored, my hesitancy was replaced by love and I found myself wanting to sponsor, as well!  Little did I know that a year later I would also be traveling to Haiti on my first missions trip, hoping to meet MY sponsored child, and to meet Junior as well!

At the age of 52, I experienced a multitude of once in a lifetime "firsts," all because I said “YES!” to God's call and I realized that God still had plans for me and more "firsts" for me to experience, as I followed His will. That’s so freeing and so empowering! And when I finally took my trip to Haiti and thought my final prayer and deepest longing of meeting my or Meredith’s sponsored child might not happen, I was even OK with that, because God had already provided so much during the week. But God had bigger plans than my own and showed up BIG! Not only did I get to meet Junior, but Meredith also got to spend over 3 hours with him! Meredith got to share the VBS experience with him, talk to him about Jesus' love for him, and just play with him and love him! What sheer joy it was for me to witness her love for this little boy!”